Oregairu – My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU CLIMAX ( S3.EP12) – The Cutest Couple and now The End

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My oh my, never expected this couple to be so kawaii (adorably cute).

S3.EP12 is really not the end of Oregairu because it effectively ended in the previous S3.EP11 where both Hachiman and Yukino admitted that they did care about each other rather deeply.

This EP12 is really nothing more than a celebration, a party, and an encore, an opportunity to bring on stage all your characters so that you can say goodbye, sort of an Angel Beats ending.

We see that Yukino has not changed in how she treats Hachiman.

Hachiman and Yukino have a date on their day off to scout for a venue for the fake prom. Yukino arrives and Hachiman notices she is very dressed up and she has fixed her hair in a very special way, and he comments that she must dress up on her days off normally.

Yukino: “I don’t usually do it on my days off, either.” which means she dressed up for him

Hachiman: head begins to spin “Huh? What’s up with her? Hold up, she’s adorable. Oh man, how is this possible? She’s super-cute…annoying, too, but that’s cute in it’s own way. Wait, is that actually what makes her cute? Whatever, it doesn’t matter as long as she’s cute!”

In taking selfies, she says to him, “Your eyes look the same. They’re perfectly rotten.” which is the kind of thing she has been saying to him the entire story. She does indeed have deep feelings for him, but that does not stop her in the slightest from telling him exactly what she thinks. But that is what Hachiman loves about her. She doesn’t pretend. Her words are her feelings, and they are genuine.

Later when they are scouting for a venue for the fake prom, she points at a building facility where a wedding is in progress, and Hachiman thinks she is talking about marriage. This embarrasses her, and she shoots back “Your looks and personality are already terrible. If your powers of deduction fail, what would you even have left?”

Then after the prom, Yukino says IT, “I love you!” but this sends both of them into major embarrassment, and she has to run away to hide. They are so unbearably cute together, you just want to laugh.

During the prom one major reveal does take place. Mrs. Yukinoshita, Yukino’s mother, is leaving and as she does so, she passes Hachiman, and says to him, “Hikigaya, this will be a lot of trouble for you, but please look after her [Yukino]” Hachiman is nonplussed and just mumbles out “Er, uh, well….yes, this is my job, so….” and she just gives him a little cute smile, and a quiet little laugh. We also learn later that she has invited him to dinner and Yukino says that she thinks her mother is fond of him.

This scene with Yukino and Hachiman is just so precious. He doesn’t want to go to dinner, but Yukino has anticipated all of that and all of his excuses, and she out flanks him, by matching every one of his objections until he has none left, and its clear he has to go to dinner, and Yukino is looking directly at him with this smug little half-smile like, Checkmate!. So, so cute.

Yukino outfoxes the fox

Yukino says here, “She’s [Mrs. Yukinoshita] become really fond of you, huh?” and who would of thought that would be even possible. Hachiman doesn’t want to go, but Yukino traps him, anticipating all of his excuses. And the reality is, if Hachiman wants a relationship with Yukino, he will need to have a relationship with the Yukinoshita family, especially Mr. and Mrs. Yukinoshita. So he might as well go to dinner now. There will probably be many more to come.

Seeing Hachiman at dinner with all the Yukinoshita family would have been a wonderful and humorous episode all in itself. Just think of the plot twists and turns you could play off of a very uncomfortable Hachiman twisting in the the wind surrounded by Yukinoshitas! That would have been rich indeed. One comment from the LN series says that Mr. Yukinoshita, Yukino’s father, is a lot like Hachiman. Watching them together would have been very, very interesting, and potentially very funny.

Sad to say good-bye to such a wonderful story, but all things must eventually come to an end, and at the very end, Hachiman sums up the entire story, “Yeah, just as I expected. I must say that this was expected.” and then he smiles.

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