A Reflection on the Perseverance Rover – “Percy” Landing on Mars 2021-02-18

The video below is CGV (Computer Generated Video), and is not a live recording of the landing event, but rather a demonstration of all the steps the the landing system must perform to land the rover on the surface. Percy weighs in at around 2,000 pounds, and is about the size of a small car. […]

Houseki no Kuni – Land of the Lustrous – The Manga CH 95 to Hiatus

SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers follow, beware WARNING ALERT: There is no intention here to offend anyone’s religious views, or to diminish one’s love for the story of Houseki no Kuni. You will find negative comments below. If you cannot handle them, then you should stop reading now, and forget about this blog. If you proceed to […]