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SPOILER ALERT: Many spoilers follow, read at your own risk

Odd Taxi, stylized as ODDTAXI (オッドタクシー, Oddo Takushī) (2021) Anime Series, 1 Season, 13 Episodes, 23 minutes each

D: Baku Kinoshita
W: Kazuya Konomoto
Studio: OLM, P.I.C.S.

ANN 8.608 Odd Taxi at ANN
MAL 8.80 Odd Taxi at MAL
IMDB 8.7 Odd Taxi at IMDB



Hiroshi Odokawa (小戸川宏, Odokawa Hiroshi) Central Character around which all are connected


Odd Taxi Character Chart

The above is a Character Chart which will help you keep track of the wonderful cast of characters and their relationships


Odd Taxi is one of the tightest, well scripted and plotted mystery stories that will befuddle you, especially if you love mysteries, and solving them. But be aware, that the artists here are tricksters and they play dirty. They bury the bone in front of everyone, and then post signs, that it’s buried here.

How do you hide a mystery in plain sight? With great skill!

Odd Taxi appears as a mystery, but the real mystery is hidden inside the more obvious mystery. And when you open the hidden mystery, you see yourself reflected back at you.

Some clues. Pay attention, very close attention to the OP, and to Episode 1 because clues are hidden there in plain sight.

All of us here at Pywackett Productions were caught flat footed with Cider in our ears because we missed just about everything, and especially the obvious clues planted in the OP and EP1. When EP13 rolls around, it was like, “How did we miss all that?” because everything is really, really obvious.

I guess for a mystery fan, clues hidden in the open for all to see, seem much too obvious, so we discounted their veracity. Do not allow these guys, D: Baku Kinoshita and W: Kazuya Konomoto, to get away with this fraud. Whoever heard of real, honest clues, sitting there, right in the open for all to see. So you have been warned.

Mister’s Kinoshita and Konomoto technique is to present the true clue, and then do what all good magicians do, they misdirect attention by immediately moving on to some other plot point. This misdirection continues for the entire 13 episode run, until the final scene in Odokawa’s Taxi

All of the characters present as various kinds of animals, and this is part of the mystery about what the heck is going on here. Are we in a furry anime? What’s the deal?

Odd Taxi has a wonderful, crazy cast of characters and the entire plot revolves around its center which is Odokawa and his Taxi.

Odd Taxi is really brilliant story telling, and will keep you locked into it’s evolving mysteries. But one very serious hint is in the trailer above, the very last scene is Odokawa’s closet. The trailer is suggesting that you concentrate on that closet and for good reason, because something key is hidden there, and will unlock the mysteries within mysteries that is “Odd Taxi”.

Be prepared for a very fun ride in Odokawa’s odd Taxi, one of the very best stories in recent memory.

Live well and thrive!


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