The Ark Before Noah: History of the Flood Story in the Bible

The Ark Before Noah: A Great Adventure by Irving Finkel

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This is a one hour lecture on the history of the Noah’s Ark story in the bible.

Given by Irving Finkel, you will have an amazing time with this wonderful and knowledgeable scholar.

This is an examination of the Noah’s Ark story with which many are very familiar. The story began thousands of years before the bible in Mesopotamia among the Sumerians.

This recommendation is two fold: One is the history material itself, and the recognition that the writers of the bible incorporated their stories from older stories. But the second is Mr. Finkel himself who is a marvelous and very entertaining lecturer in which the material in other hands, could have been deadly boring. Mr. Finkel brings the subject to life, and to laughs.

Highly Recommended!

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