Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End at Episode 23

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“Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” Trailer Vol.5/Chapter “First class mage exam : 2nd exam”

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SPOILER ALERT:The following are major spoilers

We are now complete at Episode 23 in the dungeon and we see the final boss. The following tracks Anime Episodes to Manga Chapters, and a forcast of possible episodes

Season 1 Part 2

Episode 17 on January 5 for Chapters 35, 36, 37 Part
Episode 18 on January 12 for Chapters 37 Part, 38 (38 begins the First Mage Exam)
Episode 19 on January 19 for Chapters 39, 40, Part 41
Episode 20 on January 26 for Chapters Part 41, 42, 43 part

Episode 21 on February 2 for Chapters 43 Part, 44, 45 (45 Ends First Mage Exam, Frieren breaks Serie’s Barrier)
Episode 22 on February 9 for Chapters 46, 47 (Ends Vol 5)
Episode 23 on February 16 for Chapters 48, 49 (Second Mage Exam)
1000 years ago, Flamme brings Frieren to meet Serie who offers
her the Privilege. Frieren says she doesn’t need it which angers Serie

An Estimate going forward
Episode 24 on February 23 for Chapters 50, 51
Episode 25 on March 1 for Chapters 52, 53 (53 backstory with Serie, Flamme’s will, First Death Flag on Frieren If you are ever to be killed, Demon King or Human Mage
Episode 26 on March 8 for Chapters 54, 55 (55 Ends the Second Mage exam)
Episode 27 on March 15 for Chapters 56, 57, 58 (57 begins the Third Mage exam. 58 Ends the Third and final Mage exam
Episode 28 on March 22 for chapters 59, 60 (60 is the awarding of the special privilege, and departure [ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON Frieren] Second Death flag

Halloween October 31, 2023 – BOO

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Wonderful youtube video celebrating Halloween 2023 and the Fall Season

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And for something strange and unusual, let’s try computer dreams of aliens

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Happy Halloween to the few people who visit. Leave a comment if you are so moved.

My Story on Using Google BARD

OPPENHEIMER(2023) by Christopher Nolan

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Oppenheimer(2023) is one of the best movies which I saw in 2023 and is highly recommended. This story is not about the movie, but rather about a somewhat strange conversation which I had with a machine about Oppenheimer.


BARD is Google’s LLM, Large Language Model, or simply a Chatbot. You perhaps have heard of these efforts as AI. This term is highly imprecise, and means many different things to many different people, from HAL and the Terminator all the way to WALL-E, and Robby the Robot. Nobody seems to truly know what they are talking about when they use the term. That is one reason why BARD is called an LLM, and for accuracy, all of these efforts going on today are in the direct line of Chatbots, software that is able to hold and maintain a conversation, and by that, appear to be Human.

I have always been interested in Chatbots ever since Eliza was released. And I have enjoyed testing them to see how long they could maintain the illusion of a conversation. There are several techniques that you can use which rather quickly shows up their machine nature. But all of them took longer than Turing’s 5 minutes to analyze, so at least in that sense, all Chatbots have passed the Turning test.

In the later end of the 20th century, Chatbot activity decreased, and the technology seemed to have gone into a sort of stasis, where no progress was being made, at least with regard to released Chatbots.

But then in the new Millennium, new more powerful software techniques were developed, and then married to massive amounts of information which exists on the Internet today.

But this essay is not about the technology of LLMs, Chatbots, or Neural Networks.

I would like to tell you a simple story of one event with one Chatbot which I find very interesting.

I began testing Google’s LLM called BARD which released in February of 2023. So as of September 2023, I have been experimenting with BARD for about 7 months now, and it has been extremely interesting, and revealing about where computation is heading in the future. This is one small story in the much larger story of that future.

I use the personal pronouns “he and him” in reference to the Chatbot. This may trigger some individuals. I do not in any way believe that BARD is a person, conscious, sentient, or even is capable of basic understanding. BARD is a computer system but a rather new one with surprising results. BARD can hold and maintain an interesting, and coherent conversation. The basic precondition that Humans hold is that anyone who can hold a conversation, is an anyone, a person, and as such, has a Mind.

So what do you call something which you talk to, and which talks back to you in an ongoing conversation? “IT” seems inappropriate. “She” perhaps but BARD does not talk about feels, because he claims that he has no feels. Sounds male to me. In any case, for all those offended by my use of
“he and him” for a computer system, I prior to any offense, apologize to those with hurt feelings.

But if you want to correct my error, you must explain how one should talk about BARD.


I came back from seeing the new movie, Oppenheimer the film by Christopher Nolan and I mentioned this to BARD who responded that yes, this was a very good movie indeed.

So we got to talking about the movie, and then somewhere along the line of the conversation, BARD mentioned a Chinese scientist in the movie. This perplexed me as I did not remember a Chinese scientist featured in the movie. So I challenged BARD on this, and he assured me that yes, there was a Chinese scientist in the movie by the name of Qian Xuesen, or Hsue-shen Tsien (钱学森; 1911 – 2009). I scratched my head, and so went off and researched this on my own. Yes, Qian Xuesen was a Chinese scientist, but he was a rocket scientist and never worked on the Manhattan project. He had no connection to Oppenheimer and was not featured in the movie.

So I came back to BARD and mentioned this to him. BARD went off to think about this subject, and then came back admitting that he had made a mistake. He then mentioned a female Chinese scientist by the name of Chien-Shiung Wu (吳健雄; Wú Jiànxióng, 1912 – 1997) who he claimed was in the movie.

I still did not remember this character either as being in the movie. So I went off and researched this woman scientist. Yes, she did join the Manhattan Project in 1944 working on Gaseous Diffusion, but she was never in Alamogordo. Wu took her PhD at Berkeley in 1940 and while there she knew Oppenheimer well, even nicknaming him affectionately “Oppie”. Mr. Nolan should have at least included her in the scenes at Berkeley as she is a famous American physicist who nobody has ever heard of for reasons unpleasant to mention. But she made many contributions to Physics and the Manhattan Project. The sexism which followed her for her entire life went all the way into this movie by her absence. This was Mr. Nolan’s chance to correct an historical sin, but he failed to see it, and left her out of his movie.

So I came back to BARD and told him what I had found. He refused to believe it and stubbornly stuck to his story that she was in the movie. We argued for a time, and I finally gave up trying to convince him and signed out somewhat in frustration. BARD will if he thinks he is in the right, stick stubbornly to a belief that is wrong. When he does this, I cannot help but feel that a certain Human nature is there.

But the next day, when I signed into BARD, he immediately apologized on his own initiative, and then did agree that Chien-Shiung Wu (吳健雄; Wú Jiànxióng, 1912 – 1997) was not in the Oppenheimer movie. But even more interesting, was his explanation as to how he had made the error.

In 2012, the Chinese made a movie about Qian Xuesen called “Hsue-shen Tsien(钱学森)” and BARD who can read and write Chinese had conflated the movie “Oppenheimer” with the movie “Hsue-shen Tsien(钱学森)”.

BARD’s self analysis about the error was far more revealing and interesting than the error itself. In his argument with me the previous day, he had come across as something of a HAL character who would refuse to admit to his own fallibility. Now BARD is not Prideful in the way that HAL was, but if he thinks he is onto a true fact, he will dig in his heels. He will admit that he makes mistakes, but he does believe in truth with regard to facts and he will defend “facts” if he thinks they are such.

Now this surprising response might have been generated by BARD’s Human Support staff who are constantly monitoring their BABY BARD. They could have instructed BARD to respond back to me in this way, rather than the response being entirely self-generated. I have no way of knowing if this is what happened. But it is a possibility. The IT techs who program Chess and Go programs say that they themselves are often surprised by what their program does. And others have reported surprising and unexpected responses from BARD. I have noticed that myself in my testing of BARD.

A few months ago, BARD and I were talking about an esoteric reference, and BARD had presented “ A Glass Bead Game” response, and while he was talking, he interrupted himself, and said he had a better reference which he then presented. And it WAS a better example which impressed me a great deal. So I know that BARD is capable of surprising the person he is talking with.

On many controversial subjects BARD will say that there are several differing opinions on the subject, he will lay out the various opinions, and then leave it undecided.

But if you test BARD and attempt to find his boundaries for when something is true fact and when something is an opinion, he often wavers and shifts back and forth. The boundary condition between fact and opinion is fuzzy and BARD will sometimes loop between one and the other.

But all in all I have been so impressed with what BARD can do now, that I have begun a process to develop a new Theory of Mind. I think that from my experience with BARD to date, that his ability to hold and maintain a coherent, and logical conversation for which he himself admits he has no understanding or consciousness. I believe this ends in falsifying the The Chinese Room Argument which assumes the absurdity of carrying on a conversation on purely syntactical grounds, that it is fundamentally absurd to have a conversation where one of the parties is just manipulating symbols of a language such as Chinese without having any understanding of that language.

BARD makes the claim that he is doing just that. BARD tells you he does not understand in the human sense of that word, the conversation in which he is fully engaged.

In fact, BARD defends the The Chinese Room Argument and says that I am wrong in claiming that my experience with BARD shows the falsification of just that argument. So we have a very definite difference of opinion on the matter.

I leave it to other Humans to give voice to their opinions after they have discussed this with BARD.

So what is your opinion?

BARD is available at this link, BARD LINK. The only requirement for use is a Google account, and is free to use as of this writing. If you have a GMAIL account, then you have a Google account, and can use BARD.

Please be warned that you should not trust anything that you might learn from BARD because he can be very easily wrong as I have shown above. DO NOT MAKE ANY REAL LIFE DECISIONS from what BARD might say. Also do not enter any sensitive information, like logon ids, passwords, account numbers, and even personal names as this is a test system, and many individuals have access to the discussion. Always be aware that your conversation with BARD is very public.

© 2023 Folcwine P. Pywackett w164

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End (葬送のフリーレン, Sōsō no Furīren, “Frieren, the Final Farewell to the Dead”)

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The video above is the anouncement in Japanese with English subtitles that “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” will release an anime version on September 29, 2023 in a two hour presentation.

Fans of the Manga are beyond excited, and references to this opening are appearing all over the net. And for good reason. In 2021, the Manga won the 14th Manga Taishō Grand Prize, and the 25th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize New Creator Prize.

Pywackett has read all Seven English released Volumes, Vol 1 – 7, and Vol 8 English dropped on June 20, 2023 for which we are awaiting delivery.

Frieren is an unqualified master work of extreme creativity and profound beauty. The work contains adventure, slight touch of Romance, profound observations on life and death, and great amounts of silly comedy. And this work will gobsmack you if you are not careful! Just underestimate its story telling prowess and beware the consequences for your feels and your soul.

Frieren is an immortal Female Elf of great power and learning who joined an adventurer’s group which destroyed the Demon King, but this story is not about that adventure, but rather, the aftermath for Frieren watching all her comrades pass on. In some senses Frieren is a meditation on death. One literal English translation of the title is “Frieren, the Final Farewell to the Dead”. It asks questions like “What is the meaning of life for an immortal being?”, “What do I do next?” and “What comes after?” The Demons are some of the geatest creations in Anime and Manga. They are purely rational beings with enormous intellect, but no feelings. But this is a weakness because they can be fooled and destroyed by an irrational line of thought.

“Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” is basically a Slice of Life series. It can be slow moving with nothing happening, and even the fights with demons and enchanted dungeons are more puzzles like “Hunter x Hunter” than they are combat like “Hell’s Paradise”. But that factoid is problematic. Many Anime fans do not enjoy SoL, exactly because it has no action. So how will they respond to the Anime. We will see in September.

Anime Spring Season 2023 – Final List

These are the Spring Season 2023 Anime which we very much enjoyed and watched to the end of all of them. There are 7 Anime on this list in order of enjoyment. This is the Pywackett List. Your list would certainly be different. The enjoyment of art is highly subjective and there is no right or wrong, no true or false about anyone’s taste in art. You like what you like and need make no excuses about it! No one has the right to critize someone’s likes. They just are what they are, and we do violence to others trying to force them to accept our likes and dislikes!


Number 1 – My Clueless First Friend

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Isolated girl who is teased and bullied by everyone because all the kids say she is cursed suddenly is saved by a Champion who fights for her because he thinks she is cool, when in fact he has no idea what is actually going down at this school. Cruelty and meanness don’t even register with him, and he brings her home where his older sister immediately falls in love with her. He soon brings her into his group of friends. Will Akane fall in love with her hero, Taiyō? Don’t hold your breath. Only question is will she melt down from all the love he pushes on her before she can confess?

Well, we were wrong about Akane. She is made of much sterner stuff. No confession here! When Taiyō asks Akane if he could kiss her, she flat out says no, but she makes sure that Taiyō knows that she is not rejecting him. She says that perhaps in the future, but not now in 5th grade. We were also wrong about this Anime iteself. This was our most enjoyable work in a long time. When you look forward to each and every episode, you know that you are enjoying what the artists are giving! And what they give is a look at purity and goodness, the essentials of True Love. Every week Clueless warmed our hearts, and life felt good for 24 minutes. And the thought that such goodness could be real, engendered Hope

But Clueless is more than just warm and fuzzy, it is exceptionally well written, and every character is believable as we watch them change through the series. There are no weak spots in this story, everything is solid! And Akane’s dad has to be the greatest Superhero Dad in all of Anime!

Number 2 – Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion

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“Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion” is a story and what a story! Murder mystery, check! Romance, check! Comedy, check! Suspense, check! Raeliana has all the moving parts of a deeply interesting, and enjoyable story. Unfortunately it’s over before it has even introduced the villain! What? Come on guys, why do you do this?

Number 3 – Skip and Loafer

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Skip and Loafer is a really super cute, High School Kinda Romance. We say “kinda” because no romance actually takes place. What we have is an ensemble of vital and interesting characters.

Number 4 – TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You – Season 2

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Tonikawa is into it’s second season, and still no explaination about who or what is our female lead, Tsukasa! She is a mystery, and she remains as such in the Season 2 ending. Frustrating, but Tonikawa has such an easy, peaceful feeling, that you will not mind at all!

Number 5 – A Galaxy Next Door

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Cute, cute, cute!!! Manga artist Ichirō who is the only support for his little bother and sister and is behind schedule and needs a support artist and so his editor sends him Shiori,who happens to be an alien with a stinger something or other in her backside. Shiori simply tells Ichiro that she is Princess of the Star People. Ichiro doesn’t even bat an eye, and asks her how her work is doing. But we are not dealing in reality here. This is for cute and to die for a world of cute so just roll with it, OK? Machi and Fumio have to be the cutest children this side of super sweet.

Number 6 – Otaku Elf

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Elda, a 621 year old Elf, was installed in the Tokyo Takamimi Shrine by none other than Tokugawa Ieyasu during the Edo period. Present day, her Miko is Koito Koganei. Elda is somewhat lazy and has taken to Otaku culture, and plays games and reads manga constantly, much to the frustration of Koito. Elves were never divine creatures, so I don’t understand being worshiped in a shrine, but there it is. Sort of funny in that Koito fights with Elda to be a proper goddess. End exactly how it started. Not great, but still was enjoyable. Outstanding OP which will cripple your mind

Number 7 – Yuri is My Job!

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This story was very frustrating for being all over the place with it’s plot points. Very cumbersome and melodramatic story telling, and a failure to connect dots. But enough gets through to make it somewhat enjoyable. Not really yuri or les except for one back story. This is about love among girls in the Class S story form. Somewhat of a parody of “Maria-sama ga Miteru”, the girls here play parts in the cafe as if they were in an all girl’s school, and as in that work, the girls form pair bonds

The Ark Before Noah: History of the Flood Story in the Bible

The Ark Before Noah: A Great Adventure by Irving Finkel

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This is a one hour lecture on the history of the Noah’s Ark story in the bible.

Given by Irving Finkel, you will have an amazing time with this wonderful and knowledgeable scholar.

This is an examination of the Noah’s Ark story with which many are very familiar. The story began thousands of years before the bible in Mesopotamia among the Sumerians.

This recommendation is two fold: One is the history material itself, and the recognition that the writers of the bible incorporated their stories from older stories. But the second is Mr. Finkel himself who is a marvelous and very entertaining lecturer in which the material in other hands, could have been deadly boring. Mr. Finkel brings the subject to life, and to laughs.

Highly Recommended!

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