A Reflection on the Perseverance Rover – “Percy” Landing on Mars 2021-02-18

The video below is CGV (Computer Generated Video), and is not a live recording of the landing event, but rather a demonstration of all the steps the the landing system must perform to land the rover on the surface. Percy weighs in at around 2,000 pounds, and is about the size of a small car. […]

Pywackett Productions’ Favorite Music on youtube

This playlist on youtube is some of Pywackett Productions’ Favorite music. This is taste and opinion only. Your personal list would be different, and that’s OK! A favorite list is not a list about Truth, after all! Please turn on CC for subtitles where appropriate. Also we at Pywackett Productions would like to take non-trollish […]

【わっぺん。】アイドル新鋭隊 踊ってみた【オリジナル振付】[Wappen. ] New Idol Group [original choreography]

The two dancers are: 足太ぺんた Asibuto Penta with the Pony Tail on her right side わた Wata (literally Miss Cotton) with Pony Tail on her left side both are long time youtube dance celebrities. Music: Newly Edgy Idols by Mitchie M Choreography: 足太ぺんた Asibuto Penta For samples of both dancers work on youtube, please click […]

CLC – ‘To the sky’ (Choreography Practice Video)

CLC – One of the finest acts in K-Pop. The ladies do their own material, Lyrics, Music, Choreography. These aren’t just Kewpie Dolls performing a script. They are the real deal. This video is just practice, and its already better than most other’s final production! Check this out, you will not be sorry! For detail, […]