Kamikaze Girls(2004), Shimotsuma Monogatari 下妻物語

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When the walrus and the carpenter go to the movies, they see "Kamikaze

Girls" and then shed a bitter tear. This is Japanese comedy which is the

sound of one hand clapping. If Surrealism had a father and mother, they

both would be Japanese. Did I say wild and crazy beyond the pale, well

then "Kamikaze Girls" is way beyond that, way beyond bizarre, way beyond

beyond. This flick begins literally at "The End", then self-consciously

realizes its already over, and then fast-forwards backwards, way beyond

its own beginning, and lands in 18th Century France at the Palace of

Versailles, to bask in the glow of the Rococo, because everyone knows

that the Baroque will just not do. Our lead High School Sophomore girl,

Momoko, lives only for the Rococo, fashion, and embroidery, dressing in

ultra fem frilly Lolita Fashion, she prays to the gods of fashion,

"Please let me be worthy of the clothes." Enter ultra butch biker chick,

Ichigo (Strawberry), a Yanki gang banger, who spits and yells violently

all the time. Well of course, opposites attrack while they attack, and

these two bond as a pair. For all the crazy going on's here, at the center

is actually a very sweet and lovely girl-love story with great heart, and

at the center of that is moral lesson being told, "Humans are cowards in

the face of happiness. You need courage to hold on to happiness." Take

the red pill, and follow this flick down the rabbit hole, because despite

the total insanity, and lack of logic in its narrative flow, it actually

knows where it is going and like Fellini's "Juliet of the Spirits" where

all the crazed spirits pile into the ox cart, and head off into the sunset,

this flick wants you to go with them.

(You're it!)

(And oh, did I say "Kamikaze Girls" is fall down, belly aching funny!

and its denouement has the courage of its own convictions as it demonstrates

its own moral lesson).

(/You're it!)

Highly recommended for those who are worthy of the close.

Kamikaze Girls is a live action movie that plays like an anime.
Completely and totally loopy, be sure to check your brain at the door before entering
but if you do that, you are in for monkey barrels of fun, as this flick is sheer joy!
Makes no sense in one sense, but in another, it does make sense, if that makes sense.
" ...you need courage to hold on to happiness" is indeed true! but who can do it?
Who would have ever thought that the courage to be could possibly lead to happiness?
Highly recommended and for a good time, call...................................

Folcwine P. Pywackett