Flip Flappers(2016)

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Flip Flappers(2006) is a highly enjoyable anime with some fantastic animation art somewhat reminiscent of Madoka and with a similar theme of yuri-ai. The three main characters of Cocona, Papika, and Yayaka form the central three way triangle with Papika and Yayaka courting Cocona and although both come from different directions, they are very much in love with Cocona, a very reserved, deeply private, and hurt person having lost both parents. Cocona is exceptinally lonely in her shell, and mistrusts the intentions of those around her. When both Papika and Yayaka confess to her, it is a confession of deception which confirms Cocona's suspicions that others are false and only her mother can be trusted. Mimi, Cocona's mother who is dead, appears to Cocona bifurcated by the reality of Pure Illusion; one Mimi wants only for Cocona to be free and follow her muse, while the other Mimi is Super-Mom who would protect and control her daughter with all the power of Pure Illusion. This then becomes the central conflict in the story. In order to be free, Cocona must recognize Super-Mom Mimi for who and what she is, and listen to Muse Mimi who also deeply loves Cocona, but realizes, for Cocona to fully actualized, she must leave her mother, something very common in our real world. Step-mothers have that reputation for dominance and control of their daughters, and no end of family conflict revolves around step-mothers. We all know that and Flip Flappers would argue that conflict arises out of Super-Momism, a mother so dedicated to protecting her daughters that she dominates their every move and decision, and of course, no lover is every good enough for her darling daughter. This is what Cocona must face and resolve with the help of Papika and Yayaka who are very much in love with her.

Papika is an exceptionally wonderful creation, and one of the shinning stars in anime. Somewhat modeled on Pippi Longstocking, she is wild eyed, and ready for any adventure. She was in some sense created, or made or selected to Pair with Mimi but when Cocona was born, she ends up more compatible with Cocona, and more attached.

She literally drives Cocona out of her shell and into the world of Pure Illusion.

Yayaka was also selected to connect with Cocona, but is much tougher than Papika.

She also falls in love with Cocona, and has great animosity towards Papika perhaps due to jealousy. How Papika and Yayaka interact with each other and eventually pair together is one of the wondrous delights of this story. Which suitor will win the delicate heart of poor sheltered Cocona? How is the conflict with Super-Mom Mimi resolved to complete satisfaction? And what is Pure Illusion? This anime will give you a perverse case of the warm and fuzzies, and you also will fall in love with these characters. Highly recommended by Pywackett Productions.

Flip Flappers is one of those rare feel-good animes with a serious social message. In order for women to be free, they must first be free of Super-Mom because in their own way, women who become Super-Moms, imprison themselves as much as they imprision their own daughters, and they end up reinforcing Patriarchial systems.

Two songs by the group Keyakizaka46 seem to play into Flip Flappers. "DISCORD", women of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains as Papika and Cocona fight Super-Mom Mimi and "Eccentric" reminds us of Papika and the need to accept differences. Recommended!

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