Music from Emma
If you love a good love story, then you can stop right here with Emma: A Victorian Romance (NOTE: This Emma has nothing to do with Jane Austen's Emma!). How this fine and most beautiful love story could be so under the radar, is hard to figure. A complete Japanese production with a stunning music track, you would never know it except for the actors speaking Japanese (There is no English dub) and all the credits being in Japanese script. Yet they create a Victorian England as magnificent as anything out of the BBC. Purest form of an afternoon delight, yet be prepared for tears as this is also a tragedy. Emma is a common maid, and she falls in love with William, of a high ranking gentry family who are firmly opposed to any marriage between William and Emma, and Emma is constantly being hurt deeply because her love is impossible, and she so loves William that she would refuse marriage to him in order to protect him. In the first season, episode 11, William is told Emma's life story, and my god, is it horrible and evil, what is done to her and you realize that this is more than a simple love story, but also searing social commentary, of an evil upper caste looking down their uppity noses at all those whom they consider beneath them. Midway through the muck and travail, William makes an horrendous mistake which brings the family to the brink of ruin, but this then leads to a deep understanding of his true feelings. Then be prepared for a balcony love scene, one of the greatest ever written, both comical, and deeply moving. I guarantee you will shed tears here. If indeed you love a good love story, then put this on your queue now for if you pass here, you will have missed one of the very finest.

No robots, witches, magical girls, titans, superheros, sprites, or anthing which violates physical laws! Just one of the most Romantic animes in existence, and with a severe social message. Wonderful stuff this is! If Pywackett were ever to meet Miss. Emma and she was still unmarried, he would immediately propose, because Emma is so much better a human being than he. Be you male or female, if you do not fall madly in love with Emma by the end of this series, then you must be made of stone.

Folcwine P. Pywackett