Little Witch Academia(2017)

Little Witch Academia(2017) 25EP is quite a wonderful work; simple and entertaining enough for children, but also very enjoyable for adults. The whole family could watch this anime together and enjoy it without embarrassment. Although somewhat of a take-off of the Harry Potter series, it does explore a different dynamic than does the Potter story.  At an exclusive girl’s school for witches, Luna Nova Magical Academy, Atsuko “Akko” Kagari from Japan wants nothing more than to follow in the path of her hero, Shiny Chariot who she saw as a child. More than somewhat inept at magic, Akko refuses to give up her dream no matter the difficulty. We at Pywackett Productions gave up on this series, classifying it as simply children’s fodder, and of little interest to adults. But many encouraged us to re-look more closely, and so we did, and you know, we discovered something special. Perhaps you will too, but do not give up on this series prematurely. The real plot issue, only kicks in around the middle episode, 13, “Samhain Magic Festival”, where Akko begins to produce and create the real magic of helping and caring for others, of working hard, and of never giving up on your dreams. She forces through her will, everyone to believe, and that Faith returns to her in a way that will warm your heart. The English girl Diana Cavendish does not consider Akko to be a proper witch, and everyone knows that Shiny Chariot’s magic was crass and too poppy. Akko and Diana begin as rivals, but Akko’s Faith touches Diana in ways both hilarious and profound. And then the main plot develops and asks the question, “Can Akko and Diana form a deep and lasting relationship?”, and all dressed in Battle Whites like Papika and Corcona, they both must work together to solve the ultimate curse which creates disharmony and hatred among peoples. Really, really good stuff! “A believing heart is my magic!” - Akko, and you know, at the end, you will believe too.

Delightful, wonderful little anime which will warm the fuzzies of your heart and melt all that oozing goo into a lesson in the meaning of cooperation which in the end will lead to a world of love. Who could be against that? Not this curmudgeon. See this, Please, and report back your feels.

Folcwine P. Pywackett