Three Greatest Anime of All Time


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The Table

Akari Mizunashi       Alicia Florence Reki       Rakka Yumi Fukuzawa       Sachiko Ogasawara
Aria Haibane-Renmei Maria-sama Ga Miteru

The Three Theological Virtues

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The Three Theological Virtues

Taking Faith, Hope, and Charity from tradition, we translate them into more common speak.

Faith means loyalty or fidelity to a set of abstract formulas, doctrines, dogmas or even to a person, I will not break faith with my best friend

Hope means the expectation for something good to happen, I hope I get a smart phone for Christmas.

Charity in modern language now means Philanthropy, I have already given to my favorite charity.

These ancient words are hopelessly out of date with respect to their original and intended meanings.

A more accurate, modern language of these concepts, would be Faith is common Belief,

Hope is common Trust, and Charity is common Love.

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We will interpret Belief according to the Anime Aria, and especially the actions of Akari Mizunashi.


We will interpret Trust according to the Anime Haibane-Renmei, and especially the actions of Rakka and Reki.


We will interpret Love according to the Anime Maria-sama ga Miteru.