Ashibuto Penta (足太ぺんた)

MS Ashibuto has this day released her latest dance video, and its a stunner without qualification!

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足太ぺんた (Ashibuto Penta) in Japanese style is family name first 足太 and given name second ぺんた

And of course, unless you are intimate with someone, you should never use that person’s given name.

Ashibuto (足太) has connections to leg or foot, which is entirely appropriate for a dancer!

Penta (ぺんた) in English means the number five (5) which comes from the Greek Πεντα!

MS Ashibuto is a long time poster to youtube and she began about 7 years ago when she was 13. Her artistic abilities have only increased, and each video that she posts seems to be more professional than the one before. Not only is she an excellent dancer, but she also choreographs her dances!

A video of her which we at Pywackett Productions very much enjoy is

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This is a wonderful Jazz dance, and what is so especially appealing is that her movements very much understand the music itself. One of the very best Jazz dances we have seen in recent memory. We especially like the adagio portion in the bridge at 1:44 which is exceptional, and very moving, much like an exquisite pavane.

MS Ashibuto also group dances with many wonderful dancers. A very good piece is 恋愛裁判 (Ren’ai Saiban) Love Trial with Yakko and Manako.

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MS Ashibuto also dances and choreographs wonderful and very funny comedy dances, especially with Wata such as the two below:

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For further information about MS Ashibuto, please see her odorite entry

Pywackett Productions’ playlist of MS Ashibuto dances is as follows:

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MS Ashibuto’s youtube channel is

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