Oregairu – My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU CLIMAX ( S3.EP10) – Hachiman’s Communication?

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SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen up to Oregairu S3.EP10, everything that follows is a spoiler.

As we approach the end of Oregairu, every line of dialog seems to sparkle with depth and insight.

Over at ANN, Hachiman was criticized for being indecisive, that he has not made a decision since the plea for help to the Service Club for the sake of the Christmas Party. But there is a difference between making a decision, and communicating that decision.

Hachiman has no problem making decisions. His problem is that he cannot communicate those decisions to others especially when it involves an admission of a weakness.

This EP 10 is centrally located on Hachiman’s “What we have here is a failure to communicate.”.

The OP and ED had lead to the belief that the Prom would be the play “to catch the conscience of the king.” It shows Yukino in a tux dancing with Yui, and then in a beautiful, romantic white flowing dress, alone with Hachiman.

None of this happens. The Prom is a success, but none of our characters take part except at the end when Yui asks Hachiman to dance.

But several reveals of significance take place here.

Yui makes an observation about her feelings toward Hachiman, when she says to him (15:39)

“Though it’s because you were always so weird that there were also sad, uncomfortable, and painful times….”.

Yui should listen to herself, because a life with Hachiman would be one long weird.

He is not about to change into some sort of normal. To expect that is to expect a miracle. Not going to happen.

This is so real to real life that it hurts. Many men and women enter marriage thinking that they are going to change their partner, and then they become very unhappy when they fail, and they do fail. People do change character, but personality rarely changes.

Yui wants normal. She has from the very start wanted into the Hayama clique which is a very normal group. And yet for some reason, she has pursued relationships with Yukino and Hachiman, two of the most abnormal students in the school. Not being introspective, Yui does not ask herself these sorts of questions. She is fascinated by these two characters, and she honestly loves both of them but she does not understand what makes them tick, and she never will. Yukino and Hachiman work according to beliefs and principles, and if those should clash with the normals of this world, well then so be it, that doesn’t stop either one of them. It is not even a consideration into their thinking. Yui works according to feelings not abstract principles.

Then both Yukino and Yui turn to Hachiman, expecting him to contribute his feelings and decisions to their conversation. This makes Hachiman nervous, and he does not answer, but makes a fast exit without communicating his feelings. Yukino runs after him, and grabs onto his arm, and stops him seemingly almost demanding an answer which Hachiman does not give. In fact, he takes her hand, and peals it off his arm, gives a curt Bye, and walks away, surely one of the most coldly cruel rejections possible. He leaves Yukino stunned.

Later in speaking with Haruno, he says that “I feel like I’m being mugged for my feelings instead of my wallet.” and she agrees that it is something like that. But she warns him that “If you don’t settle this properly, then it’s going to smolder away in you. No matter how much time passes, it will never end.” And this is such a true statement.

Hachiman is about to walkaway from a situation with Yukino that will haunt him for the rest of his life. It is always better to do and regret having done, than to not do, and regret having not done.

Then Shizuka finds him, and forces him to come with her. She is such a wonderful character, and Hachiman clearly knows that he would have been happy with her, but the problem is the 10 year age difference which he clearly says.

But Shizuka makes another very important observation. Hachiman has been worried about Haruno’s codependency thing and Shizuka tells him not to worry about one word encompassing a whole set of feels.

And with that EP 10 comes to an end. Hachiman must now communicate his feelings to Yukino and Yui and he has only two more episodes in which to do it.

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