A Reflection on the Perseverance Rover – “Percy” Landing on Mars 2021-02-18

The video below is CGV (Computer Generated Video), and is not a live recording of the landing event, but rather a demonstration of all the steps the the landing system must perform to land the rover on the surface. Percy weighs in at around 2,000 pounds, and is about the size of a small car. This time around NASA installed microphones in the rover, but the sounds you hear on this video are simulated. If you turn on CC, some of the subtitles say what the sounds are from.

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Also NASA was able to capture this real picture of the rover under its parachute, descending into the Jezero crater.

Percy descent

Many people doubt science and all of its predictions (of course they always go to their doctor when they are sick!).

If you are a doubter of Science, then you fire your rifle at a target 212.5 Million miles away (Mars), and then soft-land your bullet in the bulls eye of the Jezero crater using only the Physics of 1687.

That is what the Mars Perseverance team just accomplished in an historic feat of Engineering using only 334 year old technology for guidance! Beyond impressive for them people over yonder.

This is the most important rover that NASA has ever sent to another planet. After the analysis of considerable data from previous missions, NASA was able to specifically design a rover to search for evidence of past life. That rover is Percy which now sits on the surface of Mars while extensive checkouts are being performed.

Percy shows how advanced our technology has become when a landing operation which frankly looks like a Rube Goldberg machine, actually works exactly as planned, and puts the rover safely on the ground. Absolutely amazing, and this shows that when humans can find the ability to put away differences, and decide to cooperate, what then can be accomplished!

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One of the most sophisticated and complex state of the art machines ever built. On the left of the video are the real pictures that the landing system took of its own landing.
What is not said here is that it takes 11.2 minutes to receive a signal from Mars and it takes the landing system 7 minutes to land. When the lady begins to speak on this NASA video, the rover was already on the ground.
No human being was involved in the landing. The computer systems conducted the landing entirely on their own initiative and decision making. The rover is 2,260 pounds, about the size of a small car and in this location on Mars, there are many dangerous locations to set down. The landing system with the sky crane and the jet packs, surveyed the ground first, and made its own decision about where it would be safe to set the rover down, and then did it. They even installed audio, but there was some problem in the recording of the landing sounds. It appears that there was too much data going back and forth, and the audio recording did not have priority. Once on the ground, the mics are now picking up the Martian breeze.

This is a stunning example of what can be accomplished when we work together!

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