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  1. Nice! So this is what Natalie Portman’s character turned into after “The Professional.”

    Or maybe about Kirika Yuumura, before the “Noir” anime. Or Sawa from “Kite.”

    1. Luc Bresson did Nikita in 1990 and the Professional in 1994. Unless you know of any earlier works, he seems to have started the “girls with guns” genre. Noir was 2001, and Gunslinger Girl 2003. Have not seen Kite. I enjoyed all the works mentioned here. But for my tastes, Gunslinger Girl is special (season 1 only). The conditioning which is used to turn girls into cyborg killers, is compared by the anime, as almost the same thing as “falling in love”. The girls are obviously in love with their fratelo, and would die defending him. And in one case turns deadly when that love is not returned (these little girls are professional killers after all, and not to be messed with). The other works in this genre, certainly touch on the subject, but only Gunslinger Girl(S1) directly addresses what that means, and its implications. There is a strain of intense sadness which runs through Gunslinger Girl, a deep and powerful yearning which can never be brought to fruition. And the ending in the “Ode to Joy” is both infinitely tragic, and cosmic at one and the same time, as shooting stars cross the screen for all the “star crossed lovers” in every unrequited Romance ever made.

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