We Can’t Find Magnetic Monopoles by Dr Brian Keating

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Excellent review of the missing Monopole problem in Physics!

Physical theory predicts the existence of Magnetic Monopoles, yet they have not been found.

If you review the image above, the Red arrow is the flow of electricity, and the Blue lines are the Magnetic flux lines which a flowing electric current will produce. The Blue arrow is pointing North, all along it’s field line. There is no North pole. The opposite direction to the Blue arrow would be South. There is no South pole.

If you build an electro-magnet by wrapping the line of electricity (I), you will build a magnet with a North and a South pole such as


The North Pole is at the top, and the South Pole is at the bottom, but there is no pole. The pole is created by the flow of electricity which generates what you could consider is the flow of the magnetic lines of force. The arrows of magnetic force are always pointing North all along the magnetic line, and likewise for its opposite direction which is pointing South all along its line. There is no pole.

Physics seeks for a symmetry between electricity which does have a positive and negative charge independent of each other, and magnetism which does not. The symmetry is broken in our reality.

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