Analysis of the Confession Scene in Oregairu

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Replay Value had a wonderful review of Oregairu and we here at Pywackett Productions quoted the video review by Replay Value. In talking with Replay, we learned that he was forced to take down the video due to copyright strikes which is unfortunate. The Replay review was one of the very best in understanding both the work itself and the very distinction between a literary and a visual art form.

For the first time, both Yukino and Hachiman confess, perhaps not love as such, but rather that they care for and about each other. Really a very beautiful scene and the best love confession in all Anime where the word “love” is never mentioned. The scene is also very special in that it shows how much both of them have changed because of each other. The old Hachiman would have let Yukino walk away on the bridge, but the new Hachiman goes after her, and takes hold of her arm. He now knows what is real!

What is wondrous about the writing is that we see how this has happened in that while both do not communicate very well, they have developed their own language together. We see this clearly in the Prom Discussion scene, where Hachiman and Yukino get involved in a detailed and confusing but very deep communication. This is framed by Iroha who in S3 E5 12:25 to 20:46, has been having a discussion with Hachiman and Yukino in the Student Council Room about the PTA wishing to cancel the Prom.

There Iroha who has been following the increasingly obscure discussion going on between Hachiman and Yukino directly criticizes Hachiman, “Huh? What’s that mean? That’s creepy.” and then she thinks about what they are saying and thinks silently to herself,

“This is essentially a confession. That, or a lover’s quarrel, or maybe a break up. Having to listen to it right next to them, I felt like an idiot. It felt like being forced to realize just how irrelevant I am. It kind of annoyed me. It would make anyone want to hurl a little insult like, “That’s creepy.””

What is interesting is that Iroha has already put Hachiman and Yukino together in some sort of relationship. Pair Bonded individuals after years of being together usually establish their own private language that no one else understands. It is why the phenomena can appear to be mind reading. A Pair Bond just knows each other so well and a successful Pair Bond will be a long way into fusion.

Already Hachiman and Yukino appear to others as a couple and its this confession scene above which confirms that they both now admit that they are at least have a special caring for the other. Replay Value is brilliant in their observation that the Anime has made significant cuts for the sake of saving time. But with a story such as Oregairu with all of its subtle dynamics, and internal monologues and thoughts, the cuts force canon text into subtext.

From watching just the Anime, one thinks Oregairu is very obscure, and this was noted in many fan blogs, until just recently. With the release of the Manga by Naomichi Io it is now clear that the obscure is not intrinsic to the original story. There have been 14 volumes released as of 6-21-2021 and they project a total of 17 volumes in total. The manga goes a very long way in explaining in very minute detail what and why the characters are doing what they are doing!

Adding back into the anime story, all of the cut text and story arcs in the manga, makes a world of difference in understanding the fundamentals of the story, and in particular Hachiman’s behavior. Most Anime’s do make cuts to their story because they do not have the time as noted above.

And that is generally acceptable. But cutting Oregairu removes a great deal of the detail driving the story itself and a fan ends up scratching his or her head in bewilderment when the story deals in depth with such subtle emotions, and motivations.

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